Amazon Prime Telephone Scam

We informed our members in May of last year about a number of telephone scams regarding Microsoft or their Internet Service Provider.

Although these scams still occur the organised crime gangs that initiate them are always looking for a new approach in an attempt to trick the unwary and their latest offering concerns Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon will never call you unless you instigate a call-back from your online Amazon account.

What to do if you receive a call

Do not respond in any way, just hang up.
Do not use call-back, it either won’t connect or you’ll end up speaking to a scammer.
Do not redial using a number provided by the scam call.
If you are asked to press a button for more information, generally the number 1 although this will vary, DON’T.

If you do respond the following scenarios are possible –

You could end up speaking to a human being who will try to get you to disclose personal information.
By responding you could get marked as susceptible and end up receiving even more calls in the future.
You may end up calling a premium rate number.

We hope the above helps you to stay safe.