The Society's Aims and Objectives

Its aims and objectives under the constitution are:-

(a) To encourage civic pride and a sense of responsibility for the future of the Bearsted and Thurnham civil parishes.
(b) To promote schemes for the benefit of either or both of the two civil parishes.
(c) To respond to policies and plans, affecting Bearsted and Thurnham civil parishes, promulgated by the County, Borough or Parish councils, or by central government, or by other organisations, with a view to providing an effective channel for local opinion.
(d) To put before the appropriate authorities the views of the residents on any matters relating to the general well-being of persons residing in either of the two civil parishes.
(e) To oppose inappropriate development and in particular on planning matters, for example, development applications, to consider such matters and to put forward the Society’s views including, for example, the appointment of representatives to attend public meetings.

To further these aims and objectives, but not otherwise, the Society, through its Committee shall have the powers to take all such lawful action as may be necessary or expedient.
The Society is non-political and non-sectarian.